Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Went out to meet my cousins India and Brittney. But before that i went to Pappadeaux for a fiends birthday and then i went to this other place which was a hot mess so i left and meet the cousins. We had fun for the little while that i was there we danced and laughed.

XOxo, Kooch

Blast From the Past on Main Street

We went out for a night on the town in Houston, Texas on Main street to club Venue. We had a BLAST from the PAST. You all have not been introduced to Angela yet but i have known her since Elementary school. The next day we went to PF Chang and then to Forever 21 down town which was a  blast as well because we went to all of my favorite places.  

XOxo, Kooch

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Labor Day Fishing

Soo if you dolls know i like to go fishing they only thing i hate about it is getting a tan. LOL My mommy wanted to go fishing for Labor day since we were both off from work. We had a Blast, my brother, his girl friend and uncles went with us also. I love family time and the fish creek is great for bonding and spending quality time. I caught 4 fish which was the most I ever caught in one day. We had well over 20 fish with all the ones we caught together. Overall i had a great labor day and even had some BBQ once we left the fish creek. Yuuuummmy!!!

XOxo, Kooch

Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Ugly Dress

This dress was in a haul that I done on youtube and I stated that the dress was kinda ugly and shapeless. Soo a lovely subscriber asked to see how I would wear it. My mother and I has just arrived at church and I asked her to snap some quick pics. I also hurried and snapped one of us before we were about to go into the sanctuary.                     Xoxo, Kooch
Dress: Forever 21
Jewlwry: Forever 21
Belt: Moschino
Shoes: Jessica Simpson
Bag: Louis Vuitton (Never Full MM)

Black on Black on Black

Last night was my uncles class dance so me and my family attended. I had an awesome time dancing with his as I always do. Sorry there are not family pics me and my mom were late.      Xoxo, Kooch
Dress: Forever 21
Necklace: Boutique ( Customized by Kooch)
Lips: Lime Crime Countessa Flourescent

Jean Vest w/ Feather Earrings

I wanted a jean vest soo I cut an old jean jacket that I had for a long time. My and my family were going thrifting, I love to thrift store shop and I have gotten my mom into as well. We try to go like every other weekend just because they are always getting new items.           XOxo, Kooch

Pink Friday

I went to the movies to see Columbiana which was TOTALLY AMAZING, I loved it.     XOxo, Kooch

Lips: Pink Friday (Nicki Minaj)
Eyes: Neutral with a pop of Turquoise on the bottom lash line
Top: Forever 21
Hair: Rihanna Inspired

My Hair Growth

I had just got my sew in removed and was getting ready to get another sew in, so I snapped some quick pics. I decided to share these photos with you all. I also got a trim and my hair is not flat ironed or completely straight, she just blow dried it.                    XOxo, Kooch

Mommy’s Class Dance

Soo it was my mothers class reunion and of course me an my family attended. I had a good time just being with my family. I love family functions and being around real genuine people who you know are always there for you.                          XOxo, Kooch

Dress: Forever 21
Shoes: Giani Bini
Earrings: Beauty Store
Bracelet/Ring: Forever 21