Saturday, May 21, 2011

My Work Space

Here is my work space and a look inside of some of my drawers. A lot of you have asked what i do, I am a Medical Transcriptionist. This is something that no one will see other than the other employees at my job, because i dont' work with the patients. I usually keep snacks in my drawer with my bag. In my apple candy dish that my loving mother got me there is some liquorice bites... Yummy!!! The silver I Love You paper weight my mom got me as well. As or my diva calendar my wonderful Aunt got me that. If you look back at my Christmas haul it is in there, if u want a better look at it. I love my job and i am constantly on the computer for the majority of the day which is soooo easy to me because i love being on the computer, I have to thank Youtube for that, I also am allowed to listen to my ipod so that makes the days go by quick as well.

XOxo, Kooch

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